Maintenance Free Haircuts for Busy Bees

Nothing beats that straight from the salon chair hairstyle, but life is busy, and we understand not everyone has the time to curl, straighten or blow dry their hair every day. If you have a full schedule and are looking for a maintenance free haircut, you’ve come to the right place.

At Belle Amour, we want to give you a haircut you love and a style that won’t disrupt your daily routine. If you’re a busy bee, here are 7 maintenance-free haircuts we think you’re going to love.


Low Maintenance Haircuts for Short Hair

You may think that less hair equals less maintenance and styling, but this isn’t always the case. There are many cuts that won’t look right unless you’ve spent time styling them with straighteners, curling tongs or both!

If you need a maintenance free haircut for short hair, the kind of style that sits perfectly with just a quick brush through in the morning, here are our expert suggestions.

The Long Bob

The long bob, or lob, is perfect for women on the go who don’t have time to style their hair every morning. A lob will bring instant volume to fine hair and looks great styled or left to do its own thing. The classic bob often needs a little more work to look its best, but a lob is more flexible and a great choice if you are in need of a maintenance free haircut to suit your busy lifestyle.

The Curly Shag

Curls never go out of style, but we know keeping wavy locks tamed can be time consuming. The curly shag cut looks great on people with natural curls, and it’s almost completely maintenance free. This look straight out of the 1970s is a short cut with plenty of layers and texture. The curly shag is shaped to work with your natural curls and requires minimal styling. Just use a leave in conditioner and add a quick spritz of styling cream.


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French Bob

Do you have thick hair with a natural wave? If so, our stylists at Belle Amour can shape it into a sophisticated and sleek French bob for an easy to style, low maintenance look. This French bob works wonders on thick hair. You will just need to wash it and let your natural waves do all the work for you.


This is arguably one of the best haircuts for busy bees, requiring barely any styling at all. The short layers cut into a pixie cut can add texture to fine hair while also effectively taming thick and difficult to control locks too. If you’re worried a pixie cut isn’t feminine enough for you, adding a side fringe and the perfect shaping can bring a more womanly charm to this short haircut.

Maintenance Free Cuts For Long Hair

Long hair is beautiful but there’s no escaping the fact that it can take a long time to style – especially if you’re prone to knots and tangles. If you need a maintenance free haircut to fit in with your busy schedule but don’t want to say goodbye to your lengthy locks, we have got the perfect quick to style hair cuts for you.

Choppy Layers

Layers are a hair stylist’s best friend and choppy layers are a great way to make long hair more manageable. The Belle Amour stylists can use long choppy layers to frame your face, add texture and give fine hair a volume boost. Choppy layers work well with natural waves and can add bounce to straight hair too.

Side Parting

Side partings are a quick and easy way to add volume to your hair without needing to use any sprays, creams or curling tongs. If you want a low maintenance haircut but also don’t want to lose too much length, ask your stylist to shape your hair into a side parting and just remove the ends of your hair. This look is simple yet elegant and super quick to style in the mornings. Top tip – highlights can give this style more dimension and create a more textured look.

Face Framing Fringe

A fringe can either make or break a good hair day and if you are looking for a maintenance free haircut, choosing the right style of bangs is essential. Getting a fringe to sit just right can take up a lot of time and you may need to use a hair dryer, straighteners or a curling wand to keep it perfectly in place. However, a face-framing, cheekbone length fringe can work well with long layers and, as it parts in the middle, doesn’t take long to style in the mornings. If you want a fringe without the hassle, ask our stylists for face-framing, cheekbone length bangs.

Get a Maintenance Free Haircut At Belle Amour

Our stylists are passionate about giving our clients haircuts they love and styles to shout about. However, we know that not everyone has the time or equipment to create salon styled hair at home. Maintenance free haircuts aren’t boring haircuts, you can have a style that is easy to manage and still looks fabulous.

Whether you have short or long hair, poker straight strands or bouncy curls, contact our team today to book your appointment. We can’t wait to create your dream, low maintenance haircut!


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