Why Is A Consultation So Important?

Whether you’re a colour veteran or it’s your first colour appointment, a consultation is the most important part of any service.

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 The Importance of A Consultation


When you’ve got a vision in mind, at Belle Amour, we will do everything we can to ensure that our guests achieve their hair goals. What helps us do this is discussing your vision during a consultation, so we can determine the best route to take and achieve those amazing before and after shots.


  • A consultation is also important because it allows you to meet our friendly and highly skilled team. We love getting to know our guests! At a consultation, it allows us to get to know one another. With an in depth chat, we can learn your daily routines, your likes and dislikes, agree on how we’ll achieve your hair dreams or even help you decide on the perfect style and colour.
  • A Belle Amour consultation also allows us to be honest with our guests. We always want to satisfy, which is why a consultation gives us a chance to discuss IF your goal is achievable or the potential hair journey we can embark on together.
  • Do you know what services you need? From a consultation, we can accurately explain which services our guests will need to achieve the look they desire. For example, the similarities between balayage and ombre can make it challenging to know which services your hair needs. As well as this, one of our stylists may view icy blonde differently from our guests. A consultation allows us to look through images together, colour books and samples, so we’re both confident and excited to start your hair colour journey.
  • The final and most important reason our guests need a consultation is so we can carry out appropriate tests. No one wants to have an allergic reaction or their hair to break. With our patch tests, we can ensure that our guests’ desired colour is safe. We can also carry out other tests on the condition of your hair so that we can prevent treatments from going wrong during your appointment.

Consultation Tests at Belle Amour

All the tests that can be carried out during your consultation at Belle Amour are vital because they guarantee the long lasting colour on healthy hair.


Porosity Tests

With this test, we can identify whether the cuticles on the hair are smooth by running our fingers up the strand of the hair in the direction of the root. When hair has been damaged in the past, this weakens the hair’s cuticle, exposing the hair’s inner cortex. Damaged hair is highly porous, meaning strands fail to retain moisture or water, which causes the hair to feel dry and brittle.


Elasticity Tests

Before any service is carried out on wet hair, we perform this test. This is conducted by taking a small piece of hair and stretching it gently between the fingers and thumbs to measure how much it stretches. Hair with healthy elasticity should stretch by 30 percent and return to normal. We cannot perform a colour service if the hair remains stretched or breaks. Instead, we will propose a regime to help renourish the hair so we can achieve that healthy colourful look.


Incompatibility Tests

At home hair dye kits can have lasting effects longer than the colouring. These tests are carried out to evaluate the presence of metallic salts on the hair, as these salts may react poorly with professional colouring products. We carefully take a very small cutting of the hair and add it to a specialist solution. If the sample reacts with the solution in any way, this indicates that this hair will need treatment to remove the reactive materials before any colour can be applied.


Skin Tests

It is essential that we carry out a skin test at least 48 hours before every new colour appointment. Even if your skin hasn’t reacted to a previous colour, any new products must be tested to ensure the skin is not sensitive to our professional products. At Belle Amour, your safety is our priority and ensuring you are not allergic to our products is crucial.


To conduct the skin test, we add a small sample of our product to your inner arm to be left for 48 hours. You must notify one of our stylists before your appointment if you show any signs of an allergic reaction during this period.


Test Cutting

To analyse whether your hair will take the desired colour over your existing colour, we take a very small, unnoticeable cutting of the hair and apply the colour to the sample. We then wait until the colour has fully developed to see if the hair can achieve the desired colour.


All the tests that can be carried out during your consultation at Belle Amour are vital because they guarantee the long lasting colour on healthy hair.

Our Consultation Process


 We want our guests to feel at ease in our salon. So you’re prepared for your consultation with us, we’ve noted every step from hello to goodbye.


  • After being greeted by one of our welcoming stylists, we ensure that our guests are sat down comfortably by happily hanging up their coats.
  • We then ask our guests what look they would like to achieve. We take the time to listen carefully and answer any questions they may have for us. We can also discuss further if you have any reference images of what you’d like to achieve.
  • Following this, we then make our assessments. We look at our guests’ hair, assess the condition, and get a feel for whether this style would suit their face shape, complexion and style.
  • Based on these assessments, we will give our recommendations while considering the guests’ needs, colours and face shape.
  • At this stage of the consultation, visuals are highly important. This helps our guests decide what they would and wouldn’t like and ensures that we’re both on the same page. With colour books and images, our stylists can express their ideas and mutually agree about colour and style.
  • Following this, we will walk them through the hair colouring journey and ensure they understand each stage. If any questions or concerns arise regarding the journey or pricing, our stylists will talk these through with you.
  • Based on the condition of the hair, we may need to run some tests during your consultation. This is crucial as it prevents unwanted reactions to professional products during your colour appointment.
  • If necessary, we can walk you through which test we need to do, why we need to conduct them and how we will conduct them (see the process in our consultation video below).
  • If our tests take time and you have places to be, we will notify you of the result before your appointment.
  • To conclude your consultation, it is MANDATORY that we conduct a skin test before every new colour appointment to determine if our products are suitable. If an adverse reaction occurs within 48 hours, you must contact Belle Amour.

Once your consultation is completed, we ensure that our guests are completely satisfied with the proposed treatment. We can then transform your hair at your earliest convenience and get you booked for an appointment.

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