How To Make Coloured Hair Last Longer?

We all love that fresh hair salon feeling! Whether you’ve committed to a vibrant shade that reflects a colour of the rainbow under sunlight, or you’ve made a change, but with a subtle, more natural tone, Belle Amour knows all the tips and tricks to make coloured hair last longer. To preserve that salon feeling for longer, follow our easy guide below.

Don’t Wash Colour Down the Drain!

We know that everyone has different hair washing routines, as one process doesn’t match all hair types and scalps. Yet, if you want to make coloured hair last longer, cutting back on how often you wash your hair will do this. If you’re a frequent washer, your hair will take some training to adapt to a different routine – but give it time!

Avoiding washing at least 48 hours after getting your hair coloured allows your new colour to settle. If you can make it two days, you and your hair can look fresh and clean for another two days! By reducing your weekly washes to two or even one, your coloured hair will last longer! That may seem impossible, but using dry shampoo between washes makes your hair remain fresh and bright.

Keep It Cool

Excessive use of styling tools and hot water washes will dull the life of your coloured hair. That doesn’t mean you have to jump into cold showers or not style your locks. The Belle Amour team recommends washing your hair with cooler water (not freezing), as it will help prolong the vibrancy of your salon colour. We suggest minimal use with your hair styling tools, as excessive use can damage your hair and accelerate colour fading.

Choose the Right Products

The shampoo, conditioners and treatments you use are vital to your hair colour preservation process. Did you know that most inexpensive hair products contain sulphates that are not kind to your hair or scalp? You’re probably wondering why they’re in your favourite products in the first place. Well, sulphates are great at stripping your hair of unwanted oil and dirt build up, but the downside of this harsh cleaning is that it also rids your hair of moisture, natural oils and colour. So if you’re a frequent sulphate shampoo washer, your starved hair and scalp are vulnerable to dryness and irritation.

To make coloured hair last longer, opt for hair care products that are sulphate free and designed to preserve hair colour. The team at Belle Amour can advise you on the best in store and out store products for your coloured hair. We also provide a range of treatments to help maintain your hair’s health and fresh salon feeling.

Tone Those Muscles

Preserving coloured hair shouldn’t be a workout. For blonde or silver coloured hair, brassy tones are the enemy! The best way to avoid unwanted warm tones is by toning your hair’s muscle memory! By using purple toners or purple hair masks, you will cancel out any yellow tones. As purple is complementary to yellow, it is vital that you incorporate these toners or masks into your routine to make coloured hair last longer between your visits to Belle Amour.

Select the Right Salon

There are many aftercare routines and products that will make your coloured hair last longer, but the most vital step is the first step. Selecting the right salon to colour your hair will determine its vibrant life.

When you choose Belle Amour as your hair salon, our experienced team use the best products and equipment on the market to ensure that your salon experience is the best it can be. We are dedicated to achieving your hair dreams and providing you with the best service.

To get a colour that lasts, book an appointment with our 5 star rated team today! For more information, give us a call at 01276 423113 or send us a message by filling out our contact form. We can’t wait to give you that fresh hair salon feeling!



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