Hair Treatments – Are They Worth It?

Hair Treatments - Are They Worth It?

At Belle Amour, we offer several hair treatments designed to improve both the appearance and health of your hair. If you have never had a hair treatment before, you may be wondering if they are worth it and which treatment is best for your needs.

Our expert stylists are friendly and knowledgeable and can help you choose the best treatment for your hair. If you want to know more about hair treatments right now, then you have come to the right place! Let us tell you more about the hair treatments we provide here at Belle Amour and why they are 100% worth it.

Olaplex Treatment

If you are looking for a hair treatment that can repair, restore and rebuild damaged hair, Olaplex is the treatment for you. Colouring your hair and using heated styling tools regularly can cause damage to your beloved locks.

Intense damage from bleaching, perms, regular colouring, or frequently using heated styling tools can leave hair dry and frizzy. Brushing your hair too enthusiastically can also cause hair bonds to break and leave your hair looking a little worse for wear.

At Belle Amour, we know how important hair health is, and our stylists can use Olaplex to effectively rebuild and repair damaged hair strands. Unlike other conditioning treatments, Olaplex is designed to repair hair bonds at a molecular level. The treatment tackles dry hair right at the source of the problem, the ingredients seek out damage and immediately get to work.

Nothing beats the feeling of healthy hair with a glossy finish and soft, silky texture. Olaplex is unlike any other hair care treatment available today, and the ingredients are designed to work on all hair types.

Nanokeratin Treatment

Nanokeratin is another hair treatment we offer here at Belle Amour, perfect for taming frizzy hair. Whether you have wavy or straight hair, curls or coils, a Nanokeratin treatment can reduce unmanageable frizz and restore your hair to a smooth and sleek condition.

This hair treatment is worth trying out, especially if you struggle to style your unruly hair and using heat styling tools is making the problem worse. A Nanokeratin treatment is also known as a Brazilian blowdry and is a chemical free product designed to target your hair’s structure.

How does Nanokeratin work exactly? Well, the biomimetic particles in the chemical-free solution close cuticles in your hair and lock in essential nutrients needed for hydration and repair. Unlike other conditioning hair treatments, Nanokeratin is able to penetrate the hair and not just coat each strand. If your natural keratin levels are running low, this treatment can help to bring strength and moisture back to your hair.

We know just how frustrating frizzy hair can be, and that is why our specialists are passionate about providing treatments that tackle frizz and hydrate your hair back to a healthy condition. Following a Nanokeratin hair treatment, you will instantly have more manageable and healthier hair that both looks and feels amazing.

Hair Treatments For Added Moisture

If you are fed up with dry and damaged hair, our deep conditioning treatments can add moisture and bring lacklustre hair back to life. At Belle Amour, we offer a deep conditioning hair treatment, this works to bring a glossy shine to your hair and repair frizzy and dry strands. You will leave the salon with silky soft locks, and as well as looking fabulous, your hair will be hydrated and healthy again too.

Our Awapuhi wild ginger hair treatment also works wonders on dry hair, replenishing lost moisture and creating a satin shine finish. You don’t have to just put up with dry and damaged hair, talk to our expert stylists today about how our deep conditioning treatments can help restore your hair back to its former glory.

Book Your Hair Treatment At Belle Amour!

When you love hair as much as we do, you will understand why hair treatments are worth every penny. A cut and dye can transform your appearance, but if your hair is damaged, a hair treatment may be needed to achieve the best finished look.

Our stylists want you to leave the salon with hair that looks great but is healthy too. To find out how our treatments can replenish and repair your hair, contact our friendly team on 01276 423113 or book an appointment online today.



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