Hair Colouring vs Toners

When it comes to our hair, there are so many different colour and style options to choose from. Balayage, highlights, pixie cut, poker straight, beachy waves – we could go on! If you are looking to transform your locks, the possibilities really are endless. Altering the colour of your hair is an easy way to change up your whole appearance, but should you opt for hair dye or toners? If you don’t know the difference between permanent hair colouring and toners, we are here to help.

Hair Dye vs Toners

Your hair is looking a little lacklustre, but you’re not sure how to give it a new lease of life. You know enhancing the colour could work wonders, but you are feeling confused by all the different options available in the salon. If this sounds like you, let us tell you all about hair dye and toners, both of which can help you achieve the hair glow up you’ve been longing for.

Hair Dye

Are you a natural brunette looking to go blonde, or vice versa? If so, you can forget all about toners and just concentrate on discussing the best dye options with your stylist. Why? Well, hair dye permanently alters the appearance of the hair and its formula means it can achieve colour transformations a toning product could only dream of.

Hair dyes contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide in their formula, alongside several other ingredients. A permanent hair dye will need a refresh every 6 weeks or so to keep its wow factor. Once a hair dye product has made its way to the outer layer of your hair cuticles, your locks will be forever changed.

When you choose to dye your hair, it is always best to have a consultation with a professional stylist. While we know it can be tempting to buy a home hair dye kit from the shop, the finished result rarely looks like the model on the box.

When to choose hair dye:

  • You are looking to permanently alter the colour of your hair
  • You only want to visit the salon every 6 weeks or so
  • You want to cover grey hairs
  • You want to make your hair lighter or darker than its natural shade

Hair Toners

At a first glance, hair dye and toners can seem very similar – after all, they are both used to change the colour of your hair. The truth is, permanent hair colouring and toners are very different and used in completely different circumstances. If you have naturally dark hair and want to try out the latest blonde trends for the summer, applying a blonde toner to your hair will not get you the results you were hoping for.

Unlike hair dye, toners are not used to permanently change your hair colour. Instead, toners work by neutralising unwanted brassy or yellow tones. If you have previously coloured your hair and want to give the shade a little boost, a toner can be a quick fix and is often less expensive than a full colour. Toners can rejuvenate discoloured or lifeless locks, but these products are not formulated to change the colour of your hair.

If you are thinking that this hair treatment sounds perfect for your needs be warned, toning your own hair is not as easy as it may sound. If your highlights are a little on the orange side, getting them to a gorgeous golden blonde is not going to be easy if you don’t know what you are doing. When you book a toning treatment at the salon, expert stylists will be able to find the perfect toner to neutralise the different shades of your hair and may even use multiple toners to achieve the best finished look.

Hair toners will need to be reapplied every 2 weeks or so. This treatment requires a lot more maintenance than permanent hair dye and you will notice your brassy hairs returning if you don’t keep up with regular refresh appointments. That being said, toners have less hydrogen peroxide than dye and are less harmful to your hair.

When to choose toners:

  • You want to neutralise brassy tones in your previously coloured hair
  • You want to enhance the existing colour of your hair
  • You don’t mind visiting the salon frequently
  • You want to protect the long term health of your hair
  • You are not looking to change your hair colour permanently

Key Differences Between Hair Dye & Toners

As you can see, toners and hair dye will both change the appearance of your hair but they are completely different products. Both of these colouring treatments can be done at home, but we would advise against going down the DIY route when it comes to your hair. We know home toner and dye kits are the cheapest option, but you really want someone who knows what they are doing. We are not joking when we say this, misjudge your timing or buy the wrong product and you could end up sporting a head full of green hair. Yes, you read that right – green!

If you are considering colouring your hair, here are the key differences between hair dye and toners:

  • Hair dye changes the makeup of the hair and permanently alters the colour. The shades may fade or alter over time, but the hair will not go back to its natural colour.
  • Toners have a much shorter developing time. You may only need to leave a toner on for 10 minutes to achieve the desired result, whereas hair dye can take a lot longer to work.
  • Toners neutralise unwanted yellow or brassy tones but dyes can completely change the colour of the hair.
  • Most hair dyes will only need to be refreshed once every 5 – 7 weeks, but toners fade much quicker. If you want your toned hair to stay looking its best, you will need to have it reapplied every 2 weeks.

Get the Colour of Your Dreams with Belle Amour!

At Belle Amour, our expert team of stylists can transform your hair with hair dye or toners – or both! We offer a wide range of hair colouring treatments that will bring vibrancy and shine to your hair. Check out our services page for a full list of treatments and our most up to date prices.

If you want to transform your hair with a permanent colour or the perfect toner, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today. You can talk to us about your hair colour ideas by giving our reception a call on 01276 423113 or filling in our online contact form.



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